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Season 5 Joey discovers out whenever he understands that the 2 took a visit together («the main one Using The Kips»).

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Season 5 Joey discovers out whenever he understands that the 2 took a visit together («the main one Using The Kips»).

They attempt to keep their relationship key from their other buddies to prevent attracting jokes or concerns in early stages, however they all ultimately learn. They generate him guarantee never to tell anybody, in which he agrees even though maintaining the key puts him in humiliating roles, with Joey just continuing to keep quiet after getting back together story that embarrasses Monica in exchange. Rachel later overhears a telephone discussion amongst the two containing innuendo that is sexual»the main one while using the Resolutions»), although Monica denies this when she’s confronted with Rachel. («the main one With Chandler’s Work Laugh») Rachel chooses to let the 2 think that she will not understand until Phoebe finds out about Monica and Chandler when she and Rachel choose Ross to test away Ugly nude man’s apartment and views Monica and Chandler making love whenever she appears out from the window. Phoebe and Rachel commence to wreak havoc on Monica and Chandler that leads to Chandler saying which he loves Monica for the 2nd time (Having formerly allow it to slip at Thanksgiving after which doubting it). Ross discovers out of the in an identical way within the last few scene associated with exact same episode. («The Main One Where Everyone Discovers»)

The few face brand new challenges with their relationship out in the available.

One other’s teasing about them engaged and getting married sparks Chandler’s anxiety about commitment, ultimately causing a battle among them. Chandler ultimately proposes to show he is maybe maybe not afraid to have hitched, but she quickly reassures him that she does not wish marriage or young ones immediately and it is thrilled to assist him through their relationship dilemmas. («the only utilizing the woman Who Hits Joey») Later Monica get’s worried that they have beenn’t as all over one another as Phoebe and her new boyfriend Gary, but Chandler reassures her that getting after dark initial phases for the relationship and what is time appear in the long run is much more exciting for him and whatever they have actually is particularly special. («The Main One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss»)

Within the Season 5 finale, Monica publications them a trip that is romantic Las Vegas or their anniversary («Plane-iversary»). Nevertheless Chandler is devastated whenever Phoebe unintentionally reveals that Monica had meal along with her ex-boyfriend Richard Burke. He fundamentally admits to Monica he’s jealous because he understands Richard may be the love of her life and then he can not compare to that particular. Astonished, Monica guarantees which he’s now the passion for her life and comforted they affirm they will have never liked someone else just as much as they have loved one another. («The Main One In Las Las Vegas, Role 1»)

Season 6

Once they all head to Las vegas, they are on a fantastic streak during the crabs dining table whenever Chandler tells Monica that, if she rolls another difficult eight, they ought to go on it as an indicator to get married that evening. Among the dice pops up aided by the four and also the other rolls from the dining table. Once they search because of it, they notice it might be either a four or even a five, nevertheless they agree totally that it is a four and opt to get hitched. They’re going to a wedding that is nearby and generally are waiting to obtain hitched whenever a really drunk and married Rachel and Ross emerge from the wedding chapel («the main one In Vegas, Part 2»). Seeing Rachel and Ross disturbs both Monica and Chandler, in addition they begin to think they truly are going too fast. They each would you like to back out in the Las Vegas wedding, but neither of these really wants to disappoint one other, so that they decide they will keep it as much as fate. But, also though they keep getting indications telling them they need to get hitched, they feel these are generallyn’t prepared yet. Chandler implies transferring together alternatively and Monica enthusiastically agrees. («The Main One After Las Las Vegas»).

They face some issues about relocating together, while they argue over simply how much of Chandler’s material ought to be moved in and what you should do with Rachel’s spare space.

Monica relents and makes far more space for Chandler’s things, including their barcalounger and dog that is white they consent to utilize the space for something they both enjoy. («The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel») all of those other show imply they adjust well to living together and any further arguments are shown.

Once the gang consider just exactly what their life could have been like then admitting to deeper feelings if key events turned out differently, Monica and Chandler still end up dating despite Monica still being fat and Chandler being a writer/Joey’s assistant, with Chandler ‘offering’ to sleep with Monica when her then-boyfriend cancelled a planned date and Chandler. («One That Has Been, Part 2»)

After residing together for per year, Chandler chooses he is prepared to propose to Monica, buying a band with Phoebe’s help, and then he takes her off to her favorite restaurant for a intimate evening. But, the night does not get since planned; Richard appears and it is seated during the next dining table. Once they go back home, nevertheless perhaps perhaps perhaps not involved, but Phoebe that is first and Rachel asks to see Monica’s hand, Chandler is upset thinking their shock is ruined. Phoebe and Joey convince him it isn’t, that every he has to do is just take a few days convincing her he’s nowhere near prepared to get hitched, then it will nevertheless be a shock as he really does propose. His plan goes down a tad too well, and things have a lot more out of control whenever Richard appears and tells Monica he nevertheless really loves her and desires to marry her. Monica is extremely upset regarding how unjust it’s, stating that «fair» might have been if Richard had desired to marry her when she ended up being nevertheless in love her now with him, or if Chandler wanted to marry. Meanwhile, Chandler frantically searches that he might have ruined everything for her, worried that he’s gone too far in pretending he didn’t want to get married and. As he comes back for their apartment that evening Joey had currently explained every thing to Monica, and she ended up being there waiting around for Chandler with a huge selection of lit candles throughout the space. Monica gets straight down using one leg and attempts to white girl sex propose, but she begins crying a great deal she can’t complete it, so Chandler gets down on a single knee too, telling her than he ever imagined he could be that she makes him happier. Telling Monica which he will invest the others of these everyday lives attempting to make her believe delighted, he asks Monica to marry him, and Monica claims ‘yes’. («Usually The One Using The Proposal, Part 2»)

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