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Police Say Gay Men Targeted For Robbery Operating Grindr

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Police Say Gay Men Targeted For Robbery Operating Grindr

At least eight men happen robbed, sometimes violently, towards the end of their very first date having a man they came across on Grindr.<

Police in Atlanta issued a caution about one and possibly as much as three guys using Grindr to attract homosexual men up to a location that is remote they are robbed. Within the last four months at least eight gay men were robbed, sometimes violently, after the summary of a very first date with a guy they met in the popular gay dating app. At a press meeting Wednesday, representatives through the Atlanta Police Department’s robbery product provided updates on the investigation, additionally the department’s LGBTQ+ liaison ended up being on hand to supply easy methods to remain secure and safe while dating or starting up.

“From February to might, we’ve had eight circumstances where victims that are male lured to remote locations by utilization of the Grindr application,” Sergeant Rodney Jones associated with APD robbery product. “After the date concludes, the suspect will rob the target, frequently taking their wallets, keys. and even vehicles.”

In each instance reported to police, the target joined right into a conversation with their assailant who utilized a taken picture for his or her catfished profile. Jones said the conversation eventually migrated “off the app” and proceeded “through text messages.”

Police have identified a particular profile associated with at the least a number of the crimes, but released no longer details to guard the integrity of the investigation that is ongoing. Detectives stated their suspects are dark-skinned Ebony males, roughly six feet high with four-inch-long dreads. A lot of the crimes have taken place in Zone 1, the city’s northwest quadrant, but some have actually happened within the southeastern area 3 quadrant. Police suspect a single male has committed the crimes in Zone 1, with one and perhaps two suspects involved in Zone 3.

Jones described one event that happened final thirty days, where a guy acquired their Grindr date only to have a weapon pulled on him after that they had driven to a remote location inside the town.

“Give me personally the vehicle and anything you got,” Jones said the robber that is alleged their victim, before stealing the vehicle.

All of the robberies are armed, Jones stated, noting “the person typically has a handgun” and including “they’re on a normal date, and following the date concludes they’ll task rob the individual of these possessions.»

Officer Eric King, LGBT liaison for the APD, supplied the community with helpful tips on how to stay safe while dating using Grindr

“Find a partner or even a friend which you can notify when you’re going to meet up with someone,” King said, additionally contributing to “meet at a public destination before you reconvene someplace more intimate. which you trust”

Most of all, though, King encouraged people to take control of the problem and “listen to your inner sound,” especially you something is wrong or doesn’t feel right if it tells.

While greatly popular among homosexual guys seeking to date or attach, Grindr has been used by others to get more nefarious purposes. In Australia a man that is elderly horrifically tortured by having an electric drill, taser, pruning shears, knives, and worse during a drug-frenzied attack by two brothers, one pop over to this site of who he met on Grindr. A year ago an adolescent in Louisiana was kept partially paralyzed after having a young Jeffrey Dahmer fan he met on Grindr drugged and tortured him, also wanting to amputate a knife to his wrist among other sordid functions.

Authorities in Atlanta, meanwhile, motivated other victims in the future ahead, also to bring a reliable friend they needed the support with them if.

“We treat everybody with dignity,” Major D’Andrea Price said.

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